Going direct to customers

Our interconnector teams have recently returned from EMART Energy 2017,the annual event for European Power and Gas Traders.

It is a particularly important time for National Grid Interconnectors with the market trying to better understand the impact of Brexit on the future energy relationship with the UK and the rest of mainland Europe.

Our interconnectors deliver secure and affordable electricity and will play a critical role in tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter energy systems. Our Interconnector teams sell capacity products to energy traders and provide services for transmission system operators in the UK and mainland Europe. We currently have two interconnectors in operation and three in construction, which will take the total interconnector capacity to over six gigawatts of by 2021.

EMART is an effective way for our growing interconnector portfolio to reach our targeted audience. In just three days we were able to hold face-to-face meetings with a number of potential and existing customers. We received feedback on the types of products our customers want, additional service offerings they would like to see, which will all feed into help tailor our strategies. Additionally, we gave our customers and stakeholders the confidence that interconnectors will continue to be an attractive trading opportunity long after the UK has left the EU.

If you missed us at EMART and would like to know more about what we do, trade on our link or just want to know more about the fascinating world of interconnectors, please click [here] to contact us on come see us at a future event.