RNP - Web Services document

As you will be aware in order to comply with Forward Capacity Allocation, the Single Allocation Platform (SAP) is being implemented to deliver functionalities such as curtailment, settlement, invoicing and credit management.

However, the Single Allocation Platform does not support nomination services. New interfaces to EU systems are required for nomination services, for this reason the Regional Nomination Platform (RNP) is being developed by BritNed, Nemo Link and IFA.

As we move to the new systems, we want to ensure that our customers are able to switch over with the least disruption possible.

Who needs access to the Regional Nomination Platform?

Any customer who wishes to nominate their capacity on an interconnector

How can I access the Regional Nomination Platform?

Customers can access the RNP in two ways:

  • RNP website
  • Web services -  to view the web services document please click here

What is the web services document?

This document sets out the web service interfaces which our customers will use in order to access the Regional Nomination Platform and therefore allow parties to actively secure interconnector capacity. 

The document will also allow customers to better understand what changes to their own systems are needed for them to be ready to use this platform. 

When do I need to make my system changes?

The system testing will take place February – March 2019 where traders will be able to access the platform via the “training environment”. If you are using web services to access RNP please ensure that your system changes have been made so that you are able to undertake the testing.

Will this change customer interactions with IFA?

Yes, until now, customers have used IFA’s own systems but we must transfer all functionalities associated with allocation to the Single Allocation Platform.  We will work with our nominating customers to understand their current customer journey, how this may be disrupted and work with them to ensure we support them fully in the transition to the new Allocation Platform.

We look forward to hearing from you.