IFA2 is a 1,000 MW high voltage direct current (HVDC) electrical interconnector currently under construction between the British and French transmission systems. It will be the second link to France that National Grid has developed with RTE.

In line with current government guidelines in the United Kingdom and France, essential work on the IFA2 interconnector project continues. Some of the activities are works that need to take place today, to ensure the running of the network tomorrow.

The welfare and safety of our employees, contractors and the local community remains our priority.  All of the people who need to continue working on site and in the community, are doing so under stringent health and safety measures to protect not just themselves but also the communities in which we operate.

At this current time, it is too early to take an assessment on the impacts of COVID-19 on the construction of IFA2, however we shall update you in due course.

For further details on the construction progress of IFA2, please visit their construction website here.

If you would like to register your interest to trade on IFA2, please email the team on: 


As we are approaching the energisation of IFA2, we thought it best to clarify some of your requirements to be able to trade on this interconnector.
Firstly, each customer is required to be a Balance Responsible Party (BRP) with Rte. Please note, for those who have previously obtained this for trading on IFA, a new BRP will NOT be required.

Secondly, each customer needs to register Balancing Mechanism Units (BMUs) for IFA2 with both NGESO and Elexon. Unlike the BRP, if you wish to nominate your capacity on both IFA & IFA2, you are required to register an Interconnector BMU for each interconnector.

To register for a BMU, you should follow the below process:

1. National Grid ESO

As an Interconnector Use Lead Party, you will firstly need to complete the National Grid BM Unit Registration (contact BMU.registration@nationalgrid.com).

National Grid ESO will provide you with the BM Unit ID which you should then include on the BSCP15/4.1 form to be submitted to Elexon.
In addition, the BM Unit ID in column 1 of the BSCP15/4.1 form is based on the ID’s supplied by NGESO. When entering these onto the BSCP15/4.1 form, simply add an I_ in front, e.g. I_IFDxxxx1 & I_IFG-xxxx1.

2. Elexon

Once you have completed the above step with NGESO, you can then register a pair of Interconnector BM Units by completing a BSCP15/4.1 form “Registration of a BM Unit for a CVA Metering System”, and submitting to bm.unit@elexon.co.uk and neta@imserv.com. The Interconnector ID is also required on the BSCP15/4.1 form.

Please note, the current Effective From Date is 03/08/20.

If you need any further assistance on registration on BMUs or other parts of the registration process, please click here or email us at ifa.customerenquiries@nationalgrid.com.