Harmonised Allocation Rules Amendment

According to Article 68 (2 & 5) of the Harmonised Allocation Rules (HAR);

  • the amended HAR shall enter into force at the date and time specified in the amendment notice which shall not be earlier than thirty (30) calendar days after the notice has been sent by the Single Allocation Platform
  • TSOs and the Allocation Platform periodically review the rules at least every two years.

Following the conclusion of 2019 review the amended HAR was submitted to ACER on 15 July 2019.  ACER approved the rules with slight changes on 29 October 2019 (Annex I_HAR amendment decision).

The amendment notice was issued on 7th November 2019 by Single Allocation Platform / JAO to the market confirming that the amended HAR will enter into force on 1st January 2020 and shall apply to all long-term transmission rights with a delivery period starting from 1 January 2020.

A high-level summary of key changes has been uploaded for your information (HAR review 2019 high-level amendment summary).

Annex I_HAR Amendment Decision

HAR Review 2019 High-level Amendment Summary

The official location for all future approved rules for allocation of transmission rights documentation will be on the JAO website (please see attached link)

http://www.jao.eu/support/resourcecenter/overview  [JAO website > Support > Resource center > Auction rules > 2020]