IFA Interconnector 

Interconnexion France-Angleterre (IFA) is a joint venture between the French Transmission Operator RTE and National Grid, operating the subsea electricity link between Great Britain and France, commissioned in 1986.

IFA2 Interconnector

Commissioned in 2020, IFA2 is the second link to France that National Grid has developed with RTE.

Our interconnectors deliver secure and affordable electricity and play a critical role in tomorrow’s cleaner and smarter energy systems. We sell the capacity to energy traders and provide services to transmission system operators in the UK and France.

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    IFA2 Go-Live

    IFA2, National Grid’s second electricity interconnector linking the UK and France, is now able to flow low carbon electricity between the two countries at full capacity.

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    Brexit Update - July 2020

    The EU Commission and the UK Government continue to negotiate the terms of a free trade deal.

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    Brexit Update - January 2020

    Following the approval and ratification of the withdrawal agreement, business as usual will continue throughout the transition period.

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