Trade with us

We have linked Great Britain and France for over 30 years, providing security of supply and affordable energy between the two countries and we continue to be part of the changing energy landscape going forward.

Why IFA & IFA2?

  • Over 30 year’s experience 
  • Manage 3GW on the FR-GB border 
  • Offer Firm Products 
    • Remove operational risk from our customers 
    • First merchant Interconnector in Europe to offer fully firm products

Commercial Attitude

  • Develop products in line with market needs 
  • Commercial approach when dealing with trips 
  • Registration process made simpler than it used to be

Transmission Losses

  • IFA Interconnector has the lowest transmission losses than any other HVDC interconnector in the UK 
  • Ensuring a low loss factor on both IFA and IFA2 helps to increase the profit margins for customers

Customer Support/Systems

  • 24/7 friendly and approachable customer support available free of charge 
  • Robust and user-friendly auction systems which provide a number of functionalities 

If you are interested in trading on IFA or IFA2 please contact the Customer Team at [email protected]