We have an exceptionally well maintained site, with the capability to offer 2GW of electrical energy, from both the GB and French markets.

Sub Sea Cable Diagram


  • 2 sets of 2 cables each (known as Bipoles) able to transport up to 500MW each, this configuration allows maximum flexibility
  • Our Bipoles operate independently but with a common control system to manage the loading

Converter Station

  • In both the UK and France, electricity is supplied to customers as alternating current (AC). However, over long distances this is not efficient and energy is lost in transmission. To avoid this, power is carried through the interconnector as direct current (DC).Converter stations manage this transition.

Key components of the converter stations include:

  • Thyristor valves
  • The brains of a convertor station which converts AC to DC and back again

Converter transformers

  • A major components of a convertor, these transformers are the connection between the thyristor valves and the 400kv system, they step up the voltages from the output of the thyristor valves onto the 400kv system

Static Compensators

  • They manage temporary overvoltage during trips and commutation failures
  • Manage MVAR impact on the Transmission system

Harmonic Filters 

  • Makes sure the electricity that we transmit on the transmission system is fit for purpose at the correct level of frequency