To become an IFA & IFA2 customer

The table below is a high-level process for registering as an IFA & IFA2 customer.
There are two processes to choose from depending upon whether you wish to buy capacity only
(non – nominating) or buy and nominate capacity (nominating).  


Please refer to the our Registration Guide and Customer Checklist which contain further detail on the steps outlined above.

For registration and general enquiries contact the IFA Customer Team.

JAO Participation Agreement Amendment

Please find attached the JAO Participation Agreement Amendment for existing JAO Customers. Please complete and return to JAO as soon as possible.

Please complete:

Page 1 - Company Name

Page 2 - Registered Participant details

Attachment 6 - Tick IFA and IFA2 boxes

Attachment 7 - Tick all boxes

JAO Participation Agreement Amendment Sample

Please find an example of how to complete your JAO Participation Agreement for existing JAO customers.

RNP Participation Agreement

Please complete and return to the IFA customer team as soon as possible.

RNP Sample

Please find an example of how to complete your RNP agreement.

Please complete all yellow highlighted sections using the guidance comments within the sample.